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Mining Rig Rental

Mining Rig Rental

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How it Works

We will buy your GPU (NVIDIA GeForce 3060 Ti) and install it on one of our rigs. You will then get 100% of funds that your GPU mines for 3 years, minus electricity cost. It will cost you an initial $500 so we can buy your GPU. We will calculate your earnings based on this formula. (Crypto Earned / # of GPU on rig - Power Costs / # of GPU on rig * Number of GPU you have). So you will get the amount that your GPU earns, which is expected to be about $400 a year.

This is similar to putting your money in the bank and getting an % APY. You would be getting about 85% APY with us. Not everyone has the money or knows how to build their own mining rig, so we are making it easy for you.


  • We will automatically choose the most profitable coins to mine at all times, so you don't have to!
  • No risk of fire/damage on your end
  • 85% APY
  • 100$ every 3 months from us for 3 years

You can choose payout in Venmo, ETH, Cashapp and we are adding more cashout methods. 

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