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How Food Delivery Powers Athena Supplements

Food Delivery may not sound like the most ideal job, but it pays. If your looking to fund a startup then consider picking up a job with Doordash or Uber Eats. You can work on the weekends and make enough for your startup. That's what we've done with Athena Supplements. We registered everything ($500 fee), purchased our Shopify store and got some help speeding it up all with our Doordash cash. 

We will continue to Doordash to fund shipping and other expense costs. All of our founders deliver food on the side. Despite only being food delivery guys, we have a vision for this business to become a competitor with GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. We are in the very beginning stages, and we hope we can expand through an adept marketing plan. 

Food Delivery Apps pay $20+ an hour, and it feels like you are running your own business, with no seniority or politics. That's why we like it. The mining rig we purchased is also still set to make a hefty amount, despite the crypto crash. We funded this through Doordash as well.

Despite 0 orders so far, we have faith in this business and haven't done SEO or marketing yet. We are still working on getting the site to it's full potential. Thanks for reading, and choosing Athena Supplements!

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